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The Blue Flower Girl

March 20, 2018

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Hey, we have all been there. That moment you walk in and find something your kid has done that sends your emotional rollercoaster in overdrive. First we feel immense anger.  Then this instinct kicks in to immediately run and take pictures before the moment is gone. You think, “there is no way I can do this story justice, or that people will even believe that this is true!” Welcome to momma hood.

This section is for those stories. I will share some of mine, but I would also love to feature other mommas on here as well. If you have kids I can guarantee you have at least one of these stories in your back pocket. If you would like a chance at sharing one of these moments subscribe and shoot me an e-mail with your story in it. There is nothing like sitting around with other mommas swapping stories that make us buckle over and laugh.

I’ll go first. I have a daughter named Emery Nicole. Yeah… she’s one of those that has earned the middle name with the first, it just flows so naturally now. She’s vibrant, beautiful, stubborn, creative, smart, spunky, and curious. I can give you a story that goes with each one of these traits, but let’s go with the creative department for now.

Travel back with me to a beautiful Sunday afternoon. We get up and go to church and then get some lunch to make it home in time for a quick nap before we have to get ready for a wedding. Now, this wasn’t just any wedding because this wedding was going to have the cutest flower girl EVER. …or so I was expecting.

Emery was so excited to get to dress like a princess and walk down the aisle ( …did I mention she is a performer too?) She wasn’t the only one excited, momma was thrilled her little princess was asked to be a flower girl. So I get the kids down and I tell my husband I am going to go for a run real quick before I had to start getting ready. I come back in and for the first time ever, I had timed everything perfectly. I was going to get myself ready and then wake Emery up and get her all princessfied.

Ever heard that saying, “wanna make God laugh? Tell Him your plans.”? I’m pretty sure He was laughing in this moment. I was just about finished with my hair when my husband walks in the bathroom very calmly and says, “Did you put something on Emery’s face?”

I froze. We had gone through a week full of OMG momma moments with this kid already and my heart hit the floor as I dropped everything and took off running saying over and over again, “No, no, no!” I get to her room and flip the light on and where Emery Nicole should have been, lay a blue smurf. YES, BLUE!!!! I’m panicking and yell “OH NO!” and I just turned around and left. I couldn’t even deal with this. Luckily my husband had the instinct to take a few pictures. He brings her in our bathroom and she’s standing there with blue ACRYLIC paint all over her arm, legs, her face, even her eyelids! It was a miracle it didn’t get in her eyes. My husband asked what he should do and I said, “ Throw her in the tub and start scrubbing!” And scrub he did. He’s laughing, I’m steaming, and Emery is crying because it hurts. When we look back on this moment we can’t think about it without laughing, but in the moment momma was hot!



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To say this kid keeps me on my toes ALL the time is definitely an understatement. I was so mad at her for ruining the carpet and her bedding, but the moment I saw her princessfied self walking down the aisle dropping those peddles like it was a part-time job it all left me. She’s mine and no matter what OMG momma moment she throws at me, she’s still my beautiful, sweet, snuggly princess.


It’s so easy for us mommas to get frustrated and angry when these moments pop up but we need to try to remember that they are only little once and I will take a OMG momma moment everyday if it meant she would stay this small forever. Embrace the wild, crazy, and ugly because you only get it once. Before you know it, you’ll blink and they’re having their own OMG momma/daddy moments.

So embrace the memories, take those pictures, and love them unconditionally no matter what curveball they throw at you.

With Grace and Gumption,

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